Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Watercress Soup

Thankfully I'm feeling slightly more human today. I can swallow for a start, still not feeling terribly hungry but at least I am eating. I have been in to work although due to complete tiredness (well not in the scheme of life things, but I'm floppy if you know what I mean), anyhow due to the tiredness I decided not to risk a swim as believe one more day of rest better then going back too soon (I've learnt this from prior bugs)..which means 3 days without endorphins...



Yes that's what 3 days without endorphins does to me....


But as I say I'm feeling MUCH better then yesterday. A key indicator of this is......


I actually felt like having some today... so I did... YUM! As pack of Minstrels weren't enough I had to go for a Twirl too... Oh! So maybe I did get some artificial endorphins in today after all!!

So having done my batch of odd shopping yesterday I continue to take a fancy to Watercress soup. Having finished by tub yesterday I ventured back to a smaller branch of Waitrose on the way home this evening... only to find.. .there was NO WATERCRESS SOUP!


Don't they realise this is my current elixir?!

Ha! Not to be put off I thought .... what the hell.. how hard can it be to make!! So I grabbed myself a bag of watercress and figured that would be about all I need... and then figured maybe some semi-skimmed milk may also be required (usually I have skimmed at home).

How hard can it be?! Well relatively easy it thankfully turned out. Googled "watercress soup" and uncovered three receipes; largely you take an onion and some potato (in my case sweet potato as that's what I had), chop up and sweat in a pan with a bit of olive oil, add about 700ml of stock (veggie in my case) and bring to the boil. Simmer until the pots look like they're nearly done. Lob in the bag (170g) of watercress and about 150-250ml of milk, bring back to the boil and simmer about 5mins.


Oh and then you have to blend it.


Well I put half in the blender (I thought I was being sensible doing it in two portions). Well despite the top being on it it turns out the heat/ steam was a little too much.. no sooner did I press the "pulse" button then steaming hot cress broth exploded out of the top spout!!!! YIKES!

Still - despite having a splattering of green on the wall, cupboards, me and even a bit on the ceiling I successfully finally blended both batches, put back together, reheated and had a bowl.


I feel quite proud really - I think it even tasted nicer then the shop version of yesterday!

Of course I have made enough to feed a family of ten so I'll have to put it in the fridge and maybe freezer!

Now I have some elixior I should be back on the training rungs tomorrow.

And breath... less then 3 weeks to go.

Oh PS: Did anyone see the triathlon at the Olympics? Blinkin incredible men's race - Alaistair Brownlee has the heart of a lion and I feel for poor Tim Don. A great race!


  1. You catch more lurgies than anybody I know! Grrr!!! We are going to have to put your immune system into training!

    That's a very valuable lesson to learn with blenders! No more than 1/3 full when blending hot stuff! It's not worth the mess nor the blisters!!

  2. Spewing warm liquid from the blender doesn't sound like fun, but at least you now have some elixir on hand!

  3. I think you need to talk to he higher ups at Waitrose. Having done my time working for "the partnership" they boast about their replenishment system.
    Oh, I have been deprogrammed after the whole experience but it still takes a great deal of willpower to walk into a JLP or Waitrose!!!(14 yrs later.....)

  4. Glad you are on the mend! I did catch the tri event. It was an awesome race!

    Take care and get strong! Watercress Soup? hmmm may need to try some.