Saturday, November 22, 2008


So in case you are wondering..... Yes I've just gone a bit blogger mad and posted three other posts...All of which I've been meaning to post but have not had a moment this week to do anything about it!

So in case you're interested, yes there are a couple of posts I've just done and yet I dated these last weekend so you could well have missed them!

They are;
Basingstoke 5K TT
A recap of my epic, PB for 5k last weekend!!

The Man in the Steam Room
A gross account on an incident last weekend!

A rather light hearted (although serious) email about the impending spell of bad weather!!

Happy reading and have a great weekend... for those in the US in case I don't catch you beforehand well HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Yes a few days early but I may not get a chance Thursday :o)

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  1. okay - you're giving me lots to read. btw, added a blurb to the bottom of my post to explain goat heads (a type of thorn)