Thursday, January 01, 2009


This is what greeted me this morning!

Having seen in the New Year with some "Balderdash" (which is a game ok!) and some oiling (of the wine and champagne variety!), I crashed at my friends house..... Three of us crawled out mid morning to go for a refreshing, cobweb blowing, walk in the woods with the hounds and that's when we saw my car with a little looking flat rear....

On closer inspection there was.. ok still is... a rather LARGE screw embedded in the tire... "Oh... FONT!".... so we went for a walk anyhow then got back, put the hounds in the garden, yard for my American audience ;o)... and set to work... girl power ensued and yes although one of could have done of it we all three participated and managed to swap in the spare! Huzzah! Girl Power!

So Happy blinkin New Year car - thanks for that challenge.... !!

Got to get the car to the garage tomorrow as the tire can probably get mended (which will save me £200 on a new one!) and the spare is actually for the right hand side of the car (the tread is going in the wrong direction at the moment!)... so got to get that sorted before my mileage next week!

Right - I think I may have to get some food to help me with my hangover!!

HAPPY 2009 ...

Resolution number 1.... no alcohol for the month of January... oh did I really say that!!?? Clearly I must be feeling almost back to my old self... just in time for work tomorrow!!


  1. Ack!

    We had a flat last year coming home from new years eve dinner. Cold dark fun to change the tire to get home. I forgot aboout that until you posted about your flat!

    Happy New Year!!

  2. At least you didn't get a flat at a bad time!! Garden = yard, huh? Jotting that down in my Queen's English to American translator :-)

    So, I'm no alcohol until my anniversary, March, ummm, something, ROFL!!! 18th!! It will be my twentieth. L'il contest maybe?? :-D

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Well, your tire sure isn't in the Christmas spirit.