Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Yep.. Day 1 Done = I'm in!

Day 1 of Janathon went a bit like this.

SLEEP sleep sleep sleep some more and then..... snooze

Finally awaking from my super sleep slumber at about midday... so that meant any idea of starting the New Year with a Park Run was gone.... but that was ok because I didn't have that idea anyway....

Finally decided to head out to the woods behind the house at about 2pm for a few kms of relaxed activity... some jogging with some side stepping, leaping, bounding, hopping, lunging and squatting (just squats mind I wasn't doing the squating for any other toiletry purposes...)... I probably looked a little bit weird given it was pissing it with rain, everywhere was very muddy and I am a middle aged woman.... luckily I only came across normal dog walking people when I was jogging.... but anyway... I HAD FUN and that is what getting fit should be about really shouldn't it.

Not content with all that when I got home I got out my phone and into "Workout Trainer" App for a quick SKIMBLE, I chose the 12min30s "Core Abs & Stretches" routine.

and then... just for the hell of it... I decided I also wanted to see how many press-ups I can do before collapse (3.... long gone are by 40+ days, but that was a decade ago)... and how many burpees... just because I don't think I've done those in years... surprised myself with 5...

Given it is the 1st day of January and the first day of Janathon I fear I may have peaked too soon!!

If you are keen for something else to get into during January (and the rest of the year for that matter), take a look at Stuart Amory on youtube and Twitter @StuartAmory PT and get into #FitTeam14 !!

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