Friday, January 02, 2015

Janathon 15 Day 2

After I posted yesterday I took a quick look of at my blog..... And to show what an accidental creature of habit I am I actually did almost an identical workout yesterday to January 1st 2014!! Weirdly coincidental!

Anyway, it's nearly the end of the day.... I can tell this because the old cat has just sneeked up onto the bed as is now purring in my ear in such a mesmerising way it makes you want to sleep.... So before I nod off I'd better blog my day.....

Woke early about 5:45 and pondered my day... Some key work activity and some key workouts... Given I ended up doing quite a bit of work yesterday I granted myself a late start so headed to the pool for an arm spinning "ladder down" set which consisted of easy 600, 500, 400 etc etc with some sprints in between each 6*25 after the 600, 5*25 after the 500 etc etc... To cut a long story short I managed it all with warm up and cool down 3.3km... Longest swim in a while and certainly the longest this year ;)

Having done that for myself first thing I quickly got into the work groove and had a very productive day. Breaking for a short walk around the woods for lunch before getting the rest of my "to do" list done.

So much in the groove was I that I called it a day at 6 and capped a fine day off with a 31min run and 5k .... To hence come home and cook pie and chips for dinner!!! Yum!!

Tomorrow's plan at the moment consists of a club bike ride.... But having seen the weather forecast I may postpone that until Sunday and run tomorrow instead!

Well, day 2 down and I seriously think I may be peeking too soon!!!

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