Saturday, January 03, 2015

Janathon 15 Day 3

On the agenda for today was a club ride with the intention of getting in a good 2.5 hours.... Then I looked at the weather and decided I didn't want to get that wet (I now risk riding in freezing temperature tomorrow.. Hummm)... So planned on a 40min jog instead

But first things first... I decided as it was my first proper day off this week that I would run the risk of Reading town centre ... Gulp... I've not been in to Reading shopping on a Saturday morning for probably a decade or more (I mean why would you!!! All those crowds and hassle)... Anyway my phone had begun to get clunky and showing signs of being near the end of its life so I basically went and did a smash and grab at the O2 shop and got myself a shiny new HTC One M8.... Very shiny... And very red... Nice.... I also whizzed into Oxfam to get a family calendar for the kitchen.... Job done I scuppered before the crowds got overwhelming and the car park fee too much! 

Despite my new shiny toy when I got home I confess to doing some phaffing with it before venturing out into the mizzle for what ended up being quite a nice (wet) outing.... 41mins for 6.4km... Hamstrings are definitely feeling a little tight but then I've just realised this is my 3rd day in a row of running (unheard of) and 4th run this week (also unheard of)... I should stretch more (and run less)!!!

On the agenda for tomorrow thus is a bike ride and the task of doing something with the Christmas tree.... The decorations are down ... So now we just have to cut into small enough pieces to fit in the garden waste bags.... That could take a while.... 

Oh yes and how I can I forget... We started the day with a first.... The cat brought in a present of fresh rat... Yes rat! At least it was dead in the living room.... Eugh.... Now he gets mice fairly often but never before a rat.... We leave near a forest and it's been quite wet so I guess inevitable that he would find and kill one one day...... Still... Utterly gross and as I say I'm just glad it was already dead as I certainly wouldn't have tried to catch it by the tail and return to the forest as I do for live mice!!!

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  1. Well done for getting out there in the rain. Fingers crossed for better riding weather tomorrow.