Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Janathon 15 Day 7

Something strange happened today.... Not the fact that I went swimming... Before work... With the pool strangely empty... No ... I went swimming without my Garmin..... Dun dun dur! This wasn't planned mind. I just. Forgot. It. You can imagine my confusion and decision making of what I should do.... I mean I was already in the changing room and in my costume when I realised... I bravely made the decision I could do it. I could do one session without a watch, no stats, no gadget.. My wrist felt bare ... They say in swimming that it is all about feeling the water.... This was the first time in a long time my left wrist felt the water. Is this what they are talking about??!

Luckily for me my session largely was made up of 25m and 100m reps so these were within the tolerance level of lap counting when I'm swimming!... Phew at least! All in all I think I did around 2550m I was in the pool for an hour anyway.... So not bad for a winter mid week swim.... I just wonder where all the usual people were... It really was strangely quiet....not that I'm complaining! It was great having a swim without the usual turmoil as everyone reaches the end at the same time! 

The best thing about morning swims is getting a costa coffee (albeit from the costa express vending machine) at the end .... Makes the journey in to work in traffic slightly more joyous... Although the joy could also be coming from the fact a swim session has been completed!

As far as Janatastic goes this means I'm 2/3rds through my weekly "target" of one swim, one bike and one run session a week 😄

Oh and I did start my day with 10-15mins of easy yoga and stretching .... Who knew this would help my hamstring tightness out..... Ok you did and I did but actually knowing and doing are very different things ;)

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