Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Junathon Day 2... Still no race report

Tsk... Race done two days ago and still no report and you are not getting one now either because it's already past 10pm and I should be sleeping... So instead a micro juneathon blog...

Today I did this but this does not count:
1. Parked at a bay at the back of the car park again thus adding a few more steps into the office... But not many mind
2. Went to the upstairs office at least twice (4 sets of stairs) and did not use the elevator... Thus adding more steps to my day.
3. Partook in several phone conversations whilst standing

All the above made me at least a little more active.... Then I got home and went for a 55min mixed pace run, covering a measly 8.something k... You could say my legs were feeling the effects of Sunday still and you would be right... I did the hard intervals hard but suspect the reality is they were still slow!!

That's it for day 2... Eyelids are currently doing too much weight lifting and likely to hit max reps any moment... Zzzx

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