Thursday, June 04, 2015

Juneathon - Day 4

Having done lmp (last minute posts) the last few days I'm getting this one in early (it's only 7:45pm) although that is guaranteeing a longer post!

Juneathon exercise effort was a bit slack today; think the last couple of days effort post race has tired me out and I just feel like sleeping!

So other then the normal work car parking further away I have done little else... Oh wait I did walk to the shop at lunchtime... But thinking I had done squat I have just been for a walk around the woods behind the house.. (a) to get me moving after a day mostly sat down (b) to let my mind relax and transition from work to home and (c) because actually it has been a beautiful day which I've witnessed from my office and I just wanted to wander around with the warmth of the day still hanging on... It was beautiful, peaceful and graceful. I love nature.

So Juneathon Day 4 was exercise wise a mile, maybe slightly more of strong walking. Here's some happy snaps I took on the way

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