Sunday, June 07, 2015

Juneathon - Day 6

Still running 24 hours behind I'd better do a double dip day soon just to get my day lapse back..... If you get me!!

Anyway a very quick summary of yesterday....

Got up
Had light breakfast
Went to the lake for an OW swim... Temp still at 14.5c ... Could do with it getting warmer this is still chilly....
Did 3 laps about 2250... Had a 30-60s break at the end of each lap happiest bit was actually my lap times were all consistent! 
Came home intending to get out quickly in order to make the 70k ride I had planned and meet with some fellow club mates at the end of the "cake" ride.... Then worked out I wasn't got to make it even if I got a real wiggle on... So ended up having second breakfast and watched the tennis.
Finally got my arse in gear and headed out... 70k was the order of the day ... Headed west... Good grief it was a big westerly ... Head wind pounded me when it could but in a way I was happy with that as I knew when I turned for home I'd be flying!
Came back with good tail winds which led to some Strava PRs!!! Home in time for apero (red wine), with olives and cheese!!

Junathon Day 6 done

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