Monday, June 08, 2015

Juneathon Day 8

Following hot on the heels of the pathetic day 7 post I thought I may as well carry on the motion and get to day 8... And so just over a quarter of the way through!

Woke early after a very restless night full of bad dreams.... Was I think just after 5 when a cat decided I should be awake! This should have given me plenty of time to get up and fit in my morning workout but somehow I still managed to not be ready for action until 7... And then I had bike sensor issues so actually didn't get going for another 15mins or so! Lucky then that my workout for the day was an easy 33min turbo which was 15min warm up and 15min warm down with a 3min max effort in the middle..... All whilst watching an episode of casualty!

Prescription for tomorrow is something similar but on two feet rather then a bike!

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