Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Double quick....

Or not as the case may be....

I had a good day today :o)

For starters my bats have been officially identified by the batman as long eared bats.... which are quite cute so I'm happy with that... I can also now disturb the bat-dung (well clear it up!) and get my Christmas decorations down from the loft! I'm not expecting them back until March/ April time and the best thing to do is put down some disposable polythene to capture the "do". Looks like they roosted well and probably had a family up there (ahhh), usually long-ears roost together about 10 at a time. Next spring will be interesting then!

I did also make it to the gym this evening, first a swim then a body pump class..... I was right with my thinking of swim improvement..... did 5*100m with 25s between and my times were between 1:46 to 1:51 for each 100m.... which I'm very happy with. Looking back two years my 100m time was something like 2:08-2:16 so quite an improvement!

The body pump class straight after the swim was an interesting concept.... let's just say my arms (triceps in particular) and shoulders were crying at me, even with wimp weights on the bar!!!!! LOL!

Challenge plans for tomorrow are undefined, I have a long day trip in with work, at least 3 hours each way and unlikely to be home much before 9pm... I may get something done in the morning if I'm lucky (ok willing!).

That's it for now! Half way through the month and about half way through my challenge sessions (I don't know how I've managed that!)


  1. JulesR10:32 pm

    Nice swim speed fishy!

  2. I'm not sure I would equate 'bats' with 'cute' but if you are cool with it, go with it.

    Great job with the swim.

  3. You've got bats in your belfry!

    Actually, I have no idea what a belfry is. LOL

    Good job with the swim and body pump class.

    I did nothing today but sit on my rear doing work from home. Gah!

  4. You've got a family of bats? Very cool!! Too bad they won't be home for Christmas ;-)

  5. Am I weird that I think bats are cute?!? LOL I don't know how I'd feel about them flying around me at night though . . .