Thursday, December 04, 2008

Err... Yes...another daily challenge report


I'm so good at it!

OK so here's how the day went...

I got up and was pleased to see that there was neither any snow or frost. Good news. The north of England and Scotland were getting blizzards as us southern wuss' were getting a shade of gray!! LOL! To be fair it did look like it had rained at some point over night... anyhow, I was happy as it meant it would be ok for a lunch time run.

So off I set for work.

Now I knew I'd be getting a call somewhere between 12 and 1pm but wasn't quite sure when. Figured I'd go for that run after. Got engrossed in some work and then had to deal with a pokey issue at about 12:15... resulting that when my call came on at 12:30 I was on the phone dealing with said pokey issue and couldn't answer it! Grrrr... still some text comms later and got to the call at 12:45

How on earth is this related to the run I hear you ask...

... well by the time I got off the call it was about 1pm and then I realised my mistake... I hadn't eaten since breakfast and I was STARVING! Prospect of doing a 5 mile interval session on an empty stomach.. no thanks... no bottled it and went and got a sarny instead.

I had been thinking earlier in the morning that I should have aimed for an early run, but there was no peeling me away from my desk today so I missed 11sy run, missed lunchy run too. Tried not to finish too late but it was still way past 6 when I left the office.

Thought - nothing for it I'm going to have to go home, get changed and do the dreadmill thing. YUK!

So got home... phaffed some...

It was 1845... oh no it's not it's 1930 ...WTF? where did that time go!!??

So whizzed upstairs and got changed for the gym

Midway through I thought; "wait a mo, why drive for 15mins when I can just run on the road out and back (which I dislike I always go in a circle) to Wokingham and back, that's 5miles"

So I started changing from inside gear to outside in the cold gear and grabbed my Garmin..... UH OH!

DRAT! DARN! and FONT (as Lisa may say)!

Somehow the thing had come on in my bag and the batteries were flashing flat.. GRRRrrrr

So I plugged it in and watched the end of Eastenders (giving it a whole 15mins would be enough I thought)

.... so I programmed in my run program, got my ipod sorted, wrapped up and off I headed.

Mile 1 was "easy" and it was relatively easy once I had warmed up
Mile 2 was a speed session; managed a 8:18 min mile without dying too badly
0.5 Mile recovery before
1.0 Mile speed, somehow (and I don't know how) managed 8:19min mile (although felt like death at the end of it)
0.5 Mile recovery, mainly wondering what had just happened and figuring I needed to get my gloves back on
1.0 Mile easy home; this started off hard to get in the right pace but frankly after about 3mins I started motoring quite comfortably again (like 10min mile pace)

Did the lot in 48mins on the button for an average of 9:36min mile (I think) which is ok my me

Have realised I need to get a couple of double whammy session days to get ahead of the curve, the December challenge waits for no man (or woman) and I've got a few days off at the end of the month!!

Today I give myself a star, but could try harder (to get the drated run done earlier in the day!)


  1. That is the hallmark of a committed athlete - you found a way for that workout to happen no matter what got in the way. Great job!

  2. Way to make it work for you.

    And you made me laugh by using my Font expletive, which by the way, is truly what comes out of my mouth. And then usually makes me laugh at myself instead of being so frustrated. :-)

  3. JulesR10:04 am

    Way to go Karen...and I thought you were blogging a 5 mile excuse for not running!

    Up to 4 for me in Deswimber, so it must be fishy time for you again soon.

  4. Now that's how you do it! Very nice job getting it in! ;D ;D