Sunday, December 21, 2008

La sfida è sopra

...which I think should mean "the challenge is over" in Italian (I don't know why I picked Italian to translate to but I thought I would!!)

To keep it brief.... went to the gym on Thursday for a dreadmill session; 1 mile easy, 4 miles tempo (at 8:45) then a mile easy.

Felt sluggish to begin with then got going, felt a bit rough during the first tempo mile and then felt awful so stopped...and walked a bit. hummm... so decided to treat the session as a speed session instead with 1mile on .5mile recovery........................... felt rough again at the end of the next mile. It was at this point I figured all was not well... I know I was running a tempo session but I did feel really well wierd... so walked a bit then tried running again then walked a bit and felt awful... ok so then I stopped.... and then I went for a lay down on the stretch mat....

To keep a long story short I didn't feel much better for some time and went to the docs on Friday who's advised complete rest and ibrofen as he suspects a little ol' viral infection of the tick-tocker or something near it at least... yikes! Still I should feel better in days just need to put my feet up and relax.

So I've told my boss I won't be in and that includes email... life is after all too precious.... and work can wait.

Not sure what this means for the Feb half marathon will just play that by ear as and when I'm up to running again.... my body for now is telling me to rest and rest I shall.

On the bright side of things this should at least give me enough time to wrap my Christmas pressies, and on the downside it means I've missed the last post for my Christmas cards.... so I'll still send them but they'll be late (although to be fair most people will think it a miracle they got one at all as I'm usually mega rubbish at sending them).

Also on the positive front it IS the shortest DAY today..... so from now on I should be getting progressively HAPPIER as we get more sun light (well allegidely but we all know there's generally too much cloud cover to even notice).. so tomorrow I think we get an extra ... wait for it... drum roll.....



DateSunriseSunsetThis day

Dec 21, 20088:04
3:547h 49m 40s

Dec 22, 20088:04
7h 49m 44s

I can't wait ;o)

Needless to say I'm disappointed in how the December challenge has finished but these things happen and I don't see any point dwelling on it... the rest will do me good and I'm sure will put me in a good position to start 2009 with extra enthusiasm!

In case I don't blog again before the big day, I'll just leave you with SEASONS GREETINGS and wish you good will to all of you and your families.


  1. Wow. Definately take care of yourself. A virus affecting your heart is something to take seriously. Get the rest you need.

    And thanks for the reminder that tomorrow is a longer day, sunlight wise! I'm so sick of short days!!

    Merry Christmas. :-)

  2. Oh, no! I'm so glad you went to the doctor! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Well that sucks!

    I suppose it's best to roll with the punches. Certainly since the ticker is nothing to mess around with.

    Take care, get healthy, and kick some booty when you make your return!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Infections of the heart are serious bizzness!! Take care of yourself first and foremost and Merry Christmas!!

  5. Heal up! And happy holidays!