Monday, December 15, 2008

Made off....

Or more like "MADOFF".... great surname for a guy who's just ripped off the banks and your and I's pension funds no doubt... oh the irony.... sorry just watching the news....

So what of the December challenge (I hear you shout)... humm well kinda bad but good news

Twas a busy week last week work and personally it was a bit of a heavy/ emotional week too.... so in essence my relative lack of blogging (ok complete lack of blogging) correlated fairly well with my lack of "challenge".... After double monday I did manage a swim later in the week.... the rest was consumed with work, food, wine or me.... hummm

Got up yesterday morning having given myself a bit of a shake down I decided that I needed to get on track... so I donned my running gear, dug out my off road trainers and headed for the tri-club cross country meet.... Yes I was due punishment for being a lazy sloth during the week... a 5.7mile (very) muddy, (fairly) hilly, (very) cold jaunt in amongst some forest and bracken clad park land... perfect.

... and when I say hilly... there were only a couple (in each lap)... but they were like make-your-heart-feel-like-it's-about-to-pop-outta-ya-throat-steep... yuk... but good for the soul (kinda).

Having gotten thoroughly muddy I then headed home via some friends for a cup of tea (and shed the mud over their carpet... WHOOPS!).

Also went for a swim in the evening... thus making it an amazing three swims in the week.... first three-in-a-week since I don't know when.... I *think* I'm improving, I must remember to take my watch during the next session to time some reps and see.....

Just for good measure I've done a very short 2mile "easy" run this evening (to justify the lemon torte and cream I had!)

Stats updated... gotta get some double days in if I'm going to get the challenge done... I know I've got at least 2 days where I won't be able to do anything so I need to ramp it up to make sure I get to the end of the month with the challenge DONE!


  1. best wishes catching up with yourself on the challenge!

  2. Oh yeah... pop out of your throat heartbeats must be good! Tracking mud on the carpet is a good test of your friendship. That's why they make vacuum cleaners. Next time you can just remove all your clothing before entering and you won't have any mud related problems. :-)

    Keep up the challenge! Balance is just as important for the training to work well so don't chew yourself up too much over your adjustments to the plan.

  3. 5.7 miles of muddy punishment sound good :-) Keep working it!!! (but remember to wipe your feet!)

  4. Nothing wrong with a little dirt now and then. Good luck with the challenge.