Friday, December 05, 2008

This will be short - Day 5

Today = A Bagel day.... an empty bagel day....

Challenges = Zip, zero nadda

Tomorrow will have to be a triple decker! As I'm to become a God Mother on Sunday which will thus mean another day of likely nought in the challenge front for Sunday!!

Said it the blog would be short!

Could've/ should've swam first thing but couldn't seem to wake up.. I blame the late night 5 miler from the night before.

This evening I was out catching up with a friend I've not seen in over a year or so, we had a nice meal out... then went back to where I needed to drop him off and bumped into some other folks so ended up going to the bar for a lemonade (I was driving). So I've had a nice evening, it's great when you've not seen a group of people for a while and you pick back up where you left off, very welcoming bunch of guys. So all was not wasted today - just the December challenge element!!!

On to tomorrow's double or even triple decker then!!

Hope you have a happy friday folks, don't forget to start that Christmas shopping at the weekend!


  1. I hate logging zeros. If you're still up, maybe do some crunches or pushups and log SOMETHING.

  2. Have fun out tonight.

    You're right, that was short.