Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Juneathon Day 11

Gosh it is the 12th and I almost forgot about blogging about Day 11... that would have seen me kicked out of the competition for sure!!!

Yesterday I got back to running ... YEAH ME!

As I mentioned before I have been so inspired by Juneathon that I have entered a half marathon... I know it isn't until October but I need that long to train for it!!

... as we all like a good plan to stick to (well I do anyway) I have decided upon the one laid out by Matt Fitzgerald in "Brain Training for Runners"... and as there isn't 20 weeks till my race I have started at week 3 of his 20 week Level 1 Half Marathon Programme.

I've adapted the days slightly so I can do my longer run on Saturday - so yesterday was hill interval day (remember this from last week?) but as I've effectively gone back several weeks in the book it got a bit easier! I also am trying to stick to the suggested paces for my anticipated level (not that I have done any timetrial to actually find out)..... so yesterday I....

Ran in total 3.75 miles in just over 47mins

I know this pace sounds very slow... and actually it was.... the 1.5miles was ran at recovery pace, somewhere between 11-13 min mile... and I initially found this pretty hard to do I have to say. But did crack it and found it really relaxing once I got into it. The hill reps I did on a different hill to normal (a shorter one for starters)... the plan said 5 reps of 45sec hill with 2min "active" recovery (which I decided meant walk back down the hill!).... having done that I jogged another 1.25miles (was supposed to be 1.5 but I was already home!) .... Felt like the length of recovery time meant the 45s hill reps were good quality - really did quite enjoy myself out there!!

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