Monday, June 17, 2013

Juneathon Day 16

Another week over - another day of Juneathon!

Yesterday was a "base run" day and for whatever reason I found it incredibly horrible... there are days when you run like the breeze and days when you run in sludge - this was a sludge day... this is my training diary entry having just finished....

Gosh this really didn't feel good! I think combination of things - I felt like I was taking it in the "easy" zone. My pace was ok in the base zone (too fast to start with)... thought my HRM was again going bonkers but did check a couple of times and actually my HR was quite high for me in a slow run - so don't know what is going on there - maybe it was because I didn't have a coffee in the morning beforehand!! ;)... .BT4R said this was supposed to be a 6mile run but I am a fan of time over distance and as I got home in just over an hour and 5.8miles this seemed a suitable time to stop. Did see some lovely fields full of buttercups and took a nice picture and did help one old lady with driving directions (which meant I got a fortunate mini rest in the middle)... I like the route - just wasn't loving the moment today!

And here are a couple of pictures I took on the route.....

and this is what cooked for me when I got home (I am VERY lucky!)

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