Thursday, June 20, 2013

Juneathon Day 19

... an easy Day for 19th!

Basically just did the BT4R Core Stability and Strength exercises - which took about 15mins.

I also went to see my Aunt in hospital - I know hardly a Juneathon activity - but she just had a hip replacement op and it was great seeing her (also first time since I returned from out little holiday that I have).. but going to see her made be grateful for;

1. Our Health Service - both my Aunt and Uncle have had hip replacements in the last few months. The care they have both received in this procedure has been excellent - So thank you NHS!

2. Human energy... Despite my uncle only having the hip replacement a few months ago he was down his allotment yesterday morning being active - amazing eh! My Uncle and Aunt inspire me with their approach to life - they may not know that but I know it and thank them for it.

3. My health - this time last year I was not able to train and was waiting for an operation myself. When you have periods of being laid up in you life, there is little point wallowing but you do get to appreciate more so the times when you are fit and healthy and able to embrace activity. So - thank you to my health!

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