Friday, June 21, 2013

Juneathon Day 20

10 Days to go - hope I make it!

Yesterday 20th June was a run day.... originally intended to get this done early but suddenly it was 0830 and I didn't have enough time to squeeze it in before my day really got under way!

So just after 1815 I got my running gear on - the plan stated 3miles at base with 3*60 efforts spinkled in... I wasn't particularly looking forward to it I have to say as this week from about 2pm I am getting a bit tight chested in an asthmatic sort of way... now my asthma is only mild and I only get it this time of year.... and I don't let the fact it feels like I'm in a wetsuit with constricted lungs ever (ever) stop me doing something... it is just a little unsettling... but during the afternoon I dosed up and even took an antihistamine (I am an asthmatic in denial you see - so it takes a few days before I accept what is happening and do somethinng about it)...

Anyway - suitably prepared I went out and actually had a LOVELY little run - just stayed local and jogged down and back up the local flat bridle path.... it was a nice evening (if a little close), my asthma wasn't a problem (prior preperation had worked), and it helped me unwind my brain from the day. I have decided that my paces I'm following should be nudged up a level - sort of makes sense given the base pace I was running, and have been noticing the last few runs. I won't go too mental though and just nudge it up one level (this is all based on Brain Training for Runners by the way).

All in all.... 3.15miles in 31:29

Juneathon and on and on!

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