Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Juneathon Day 25 - Hills

Blimey - we are almost there - the light at the end of the Juneathon tunnel is shinning brightly.... Brighter even then the "Super Moon" of the other day (but that is largely because I didn't see the moon due to cloud cover!)

Anyway... Yesterday Day 25 I went for a little jog supposedly at recovery pace (which by the way is something less then a 11min mile)... did that for about a mile and a bit then got to the current HILL of DOME... which is where I had my upset tummy a few weeks ago... this is the first time I have revisited this particular hill since then...

Anyway - 4 hill reps later and looking a bit pink in the face a slowly jogged by way home for just under a mile (I went a different way home hence it was shorter)... this time it wasn't so difficult to remain solidly in the recovery pace zone!!

Total for Juneathon Day 25: 3.2miles in about 35mins

On other matters of the Heart Rate monitor sort... Well you know I've been having some issues with my Garmin HR strap - having done some research I've found the Polar strap (which I know is soft on your skin and gives a good contact) can fit the Garmin transmitter... so I've ordered the strap (you can buy it on its own, there is clearly a demand from Garmin users!!)... so I will see how that works out!

Think I may celebrate the end of Juneathon on Sunday with a coffee and a cake!

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