Thursday, June 27, 2013

Juneathon Day 26

Gosh it was a close one yesterday....

I was just getting ready for bed when I suddenly realised I'd done pretty much nothing active all day (I don't count a quick browse of Marks & Spencers as a potential Juneathon entry!)

Fortunately though I had planned on only doing a 15min core stability routine (yes you guessed it from that book) .... Am getting quite used to this exercises but am still very weak... I'm pretty sure I have no muscle in my right butt cheek as I am particularly unstable and tire on that side.... Given the size of my arse this is a little surprising ;)

Having done my routines I went to bed relieved that I hadn't missed out on the Juneathon extravanganza especially when we are so close to the end!

Summary then for Wednesday 26 June:
Core stability exercises for 15mins

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