Friday, June 28, 2013

Juneathon Day 27 - Little Intervals in a run

I'm finding Juneathon easier on my days when I have a run planned and am a little forgetful in the days when I don't (as indicated in by blog post of Day 26)

So yesterday was easy - wait for some deliveries then go out for a 4.5 mile run with some 90s intervals "sprinkled" in whenever I wanted... as the interval length was longer then previous weeks the book said to do these at 3k pace.... Not that I have a clue how to pace myself!! As I'm using the table in the book though I get a rough idea, and given the interval was for 90s it's not like I was going to sprint was it. The interesting thing was when I got home at looked at my watch 3 of the 4 intervals were at exactly the same pace... well done me... maybe I am getting better at pacing after all.... indeed each of the base pace runs either side of these were also at the same pace!! I was a little gobsmacked by this I have to say!.... However the 4th interval and the final run section were both slower - not massively but significantly enough - so maybe I didn't pace myself so well after all!

Only a few days left now of Juneathon - I really thank audiofuel for tweeting about this and the person who started it all off... it has really given me a nice way to focus and get back into the exercise habit!

Summary for Day 27
Ran 4.6 miles in about 47mins

Incidentally my blog entries for June has now surpassed that for the whole of 2011!!

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