Sunday, June 30, 2013

Juneathon Day 29

Well day 29 was relatively straight forward... The plan said "run 6 miles at base pace".... So ... Having already done a good 30 Facial stretch in the morning this is exactly what I did setting off about noon.... Now I didn't exactly realise that for a change it was quite warm outside. Most unusual... But I didn't let this spoil my run ;) .... I set off on a normal run route then cut over a railway line (using the bridge I may add) before entering Gorrick Wood near Crowthorne. It was incredible lovely in there, all I could hear (other then my panting) was birdsong. A very peaceful place..... Had it not been so lovely I may have sworn more about the loose sandy path! Having run through the woods I was soon back in suburbia and on a main road so venture down an unknown path, which I suspected should com out on a path which went around the local golf club.

Fortunately the path did indeed come out where I suspected so had a quiet footpath jog through the golf club and finally returning towards home.

Long run done at midday, slightly hot!

Total of about 6miles in about an hour and some minutes.

Day 29 done.

One more day to go.... Just one more day...

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