Saturday, June 08, 2013

Juneathon Day 7

Due to considerable phaffing and other important distractions I didn't do the planned "Brain Training for Runners" run yesterday... but I did go out (if a little late in the day.. .ok actually it was the evening but it was a glorious evening....)..... and it was going to be a short one (because Friday night pie night is important in our household)..... so I concentrated on my cadence and the effect of keeping that the same and shortening or lengthening my stride.

Clearly the longer the stride the faster I went and so the more tiring!.... but as I'm trying to remaster my appropriate paces at the moment it was a good exercise in sensing the stride length to cadence to pace... if that makes sense.

So - 7th June (Juneathon Day 7) I....
Ran for 2.1miles in 21mins

... and then I ate pie and had a pint!

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