Monday, June 10, 2013

Juneathon Day 9

I was completely out of sorts yesterday and despite only consuming 2 San Miguel on Saturday night felt like I had been poisoned.

Once my household chores were over in the morning I felt incredible blah and so motivating myself to go out on a run or ride proved difficult - so I had a nap instead!

But to wanting to exit Juneathon so soon I did do something!! I walked to the local shop and back.. which I know hardly counts... and then I did 35min of Yoga thanks to DoYogaWithMe and Melissa McLeod. This time I tried the "Bend and Stretch" routine which was my first go at this - and it was a great, easy, Yoga work out - you can tell it must be doing some good when your back does a triple pop pop pop as you practise your breathing drills!!

My Juneathon totals so far are (I have excluded my walking mind);

Swim - Nothing
Bike - 38.9km in 1hrs 32
Run - 24.1km in 2hrs 41
Yoga - 1hr 38
Stretching - apparently only 16mins (maybe I haven't recorded that so well or maybe just  maybe I'm not stretching!!!)

So a total of just over 6hrs for 9 days effort which isn't too bad given I have really only been a sloth this year so far!!

...and for the record... so inspired by Juneathon have I been that I actually entered a race! So booked in for Henley Half Marathon mid October!... gulp!

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