Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Witterings

OK - I know - a NON-JUNEATHON post! Shock...

So just a couple of other witterings.....

1. I finally got around to updating my race results page on my blog the other day. I realised all my PBs and my best "season" happened in 2009.. like 4 years ago... how time flies! This was the year I got a very late entry into London Marathon to do my first Marathon which was only a precious 4 weeks before my main 70.3 I had entered... I guess the marathon training set me up well for later in the season! I was also very consistent with my training that year - and interestingly was self coached too.

2. I realised that I haven't done actually finished a triathlon since 2010!!! in 2011 I was training for the World Long Course and the swim in that was cancelled so I don't count it as a triathlon and I entered a half (Little Woody) but DNF'd that... so the last actually Triathlon I finished was my Full Distance Challenge Barcelona in October 2010... it is now 2013 and this blog is supposed to be about TRIATHLON training... durr.... so


I've decided I want to find a little (aka sprint or super sprint) tri to do this season. I know we are already in June but if I get back in the pool and do a little bit there is no reason why I can't enter and finish this kind of distance. Whilst I'm focused on my half marathon training schedule I reckon I can easily supplement this with some swim and bike sessions.... So I just need to have a search on the internet and find something appealing!

3. I mowed the lawn of doom this morning.... so called as this is the place where the cat does his killing... so in killing fields today I had bird wings (no body), a mole (half in half out of its hole), and I think some innards (maybe from the bird?).... my cat is truly disgusting but he is only doing what comes naturally to him (and we have trained him rather well with his bouncing soft cat ball so what should I expect!)

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